Documentation overview

This is my processor that I built completely from transistors.
An image of a computer processor made from MOSFETs
In this interactive online book we will go in depth how I actually built it, from implementing logic gates with transistors and building registers to creating the instruction set and programming the hello world and even dinosaur game.

Why read this?

There are some projects on the internet that build small 8 bit computers out of integrated circuits, like registers, bus selectors, decoders, etc. this is not the focus of this book. We do not use any integrated circuits, there is no hiding complexity.

There are also a lot of Youtube channels showcase their processors built in the simulation. Don't get me wrong that is impressive, but in the real world you cannot simulate, real world runs on atoms not bits.

After you finish the book you will be able to say what every single one of 2008 transistors do and why they do that. You will also understand why some architecural choices were made, be able to design your own processors and better understand what goes on in modern ones.

Book elements

Every chapter explains one concept and they usually end by assembling one part of the processor. They also contain interactive simulations and questions.
This is an example of the logic gate simulator and a question:

Make lamp turn on each clock cycle if the button is pressed down.
Loading the circuit ....
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An example of a circuit simulator and a question:

What will happen when you press on both of the inputs (L) and change the inputs from L to H?
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